The company

Disvol Energía

Disvol Energía is a young and dynamic company, strongly oriented towards generating value in the markets it operates. In constant growth since the start of operations in 2011.


Its philosophy has allowed obtaining significant changes in the companies it operates by promoting continuous improvement of processes, workforce training, incorporation of state-of-the-art technology in operation and focusing on customer satisfaction, it enjoys strong presence in key assets of the Argentine energy sector.


Until the first quarter of 2017, it operated the two main electricity distribution companies of the Province of Buenos Aires: EDELAP S.A. and EDEA S.A., it has been shareholder of two of the leading natural gas network distribution companies across the national territory, Camuzzi Gas Pampeana and Camuzzi Gas del Sur; and, in May 2017, it took over operations.


Seasoned Energy Professionals

Alejandro Macfarlane

President & CEO

President of Camuzzi


CEO & President of EDENOR President of IEBA and its subsidiary EDEA S.A. President of EDEN S.A., EDELAP S.A. and EMDERSA S.A. and its subsidiaries (EDESA S.A., EDELAR S.A. and EDESAL S.A.) Director of YPF Director of Banco Macro President of ADEERA  • Director of Telecom y San Antonio

Jaime Barba

Vice-president and Legal Director

Camuzzi Corporate Director

EDESUR Director


CEO and President of EDEERSA S.A., Corporate Director of EDENOR. CEO and Vice-president of Grupo EMDERSA S.A. and its subsidiaries (EDESA S.A., EDELAR S.A. and EDESAL S.A.). CEO and Vice-president of EDELAP S.A. President of IEBA and Vice-president of its subsidiary EDEA S.A. Director of CAMMESA 

Patricio Grande

Financial Director


Finance Director of EDELAP S.A. IEBA Board of Directors Member • Deloitte • CFO Camuzzi Gas Pampeana and Camuzzi Gas del Sur

Building the energy market

Electricity distribution

Disvol Energía operated, until March 2017, the energy distribution companies EDELAP S.A. and EDEA S.A., distributing 5,500 GWh a year of clean and reliable energy across a 111,218 square kilometers territory to over 2.5 million inhabitants. Through 20,000 km of networks, both companies supply 60% of the electrical demand of the Province of Buenos Aires by extension and population density. Their operation areas include the city of La Plata and the most important touristic centers of the Atlantic Cost, such as Mar del Plata.

Building the energy market

Gas distribution

In 2013, Disvol Energía becomes shareholder of two of the leading natural gas distribution companies in Argentina: Camuzzi Gas Pampeana and Camuzzi Gas del Sur. In 2017, it takes over operating and commercial control. In terms of volume, they cover 45% of the country in two adjoining regions that encompass seven provinces; Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Neuquén, Chubut, Río Negro, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. About 2 million households are supplied natural gas through 10,700 km of gas pipelines and 34,500 km of distribution networks operated by both companies

Building the energy market

Camuzzi Energía

An energy trading and advisory company born as an efficient answer to the energy needs of the Argentine market, strongly committed to providing a comprehensive service and added value to all its clients. Its trading authorization was granted in May 2016.

National operation area