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Is one of the largest gas distribution companies in Argentina. Its operation area encompasses the Province of Buenos Aires (except for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires and the south end of the Province) and the province of La Pampa, region of leading and large urban and industrial centers.


The company provides its services to over a million households. With more than 6,300 km of gas pipelines and branches and 21,800 km of distribution networks. Lists on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange under initials CGPA2


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Districts Served

Is the gas distribution company with the largest operational coverage. It provides services from the southern end of the Province of Buenos Aires up to the more eastern provinces: Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego; a region that hosts major energy generation and hydrocarbon production plants.


The company supplies over half a million households, with over 4,400 km of gas pipelines and branches and 12,700 km distribution networks.


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Districts Served

Is an energy trading and advisory company born as an efficient answer to the energy needs of the Argentine market, fully committed to providing a comprehensive service and added value to all its clients. Its trading authorization was granted in May 2016.


It is the strategic partner for the different stages of the production chain, energy transportation and distribution, through a service portfolio that encompasses not only gas supply, but also liquid fuels, electricity, renewable energies. It also provides services associated to energetic efficiency process engineering and regulation and market aspects

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